Scorpion Pest Control in Phoenix, Arizona

Scorpion Home Inspections

Scorpion Sweepers provides pesticide-free Scorpion Home Inspections and Exlcusive Pest Control services to greater Phoenix and all of Arizona.

Our nighttime scorpion control service uses ultraviolet floodlights to hand remove scorpions from your property. We identify the source of the scorpions, habitats that they are living in and a create a strategy based on 14 years of data to quickly control your scorpion problem. Our data-driven, scientific approach is based on the findings of a University of Arizona study on the best method for scorpion prevention.

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Home Inspections

  • Nighttime pesticide-free scorpion control
  • Services exterior and interior of the home and yard
  • Determine the source of the scorpion infestation
  • Identify pest habitats to remove
  • Customized strategy to exterminate scorpions

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Scorpion Control Maintenance

  • Done after a Home Inspection
  • Only 9 openings remain
  • Weekly outdoor sweeps 3/15 – 11/15 (active season)
  • Monthly indoor-outdoor sweep
  • Minimum one-year commitment

Due to the popularity of our scorpion maintenance program, we are currently on a waiting list. Our scorpion maintenance program only has 10 total openings and costs $15,000 a year.

By filling out this form you will be placed on the waiting list. If someone leaves the program we will contact people on a first-come-first-served basis.

Scorpion Sweepers uses ultraviolet floodlights to hand remove scorpions from your property, without the use of pesticides. We start by performing a Home Inspection, evaluating how severe the scorpion problem is. Then based on our over fourteen years of data we create a strategy to eliminate the scorpions as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of your problem our annual maintenance program may be an option.

Maintenance scorpion prevention

Success Rate Based On Quantity Found On First Visit

Scorpion Sweepers is a completely different pest control company. Instead of spraying toxic chemicals we offer organic, natural, pesticide-free scorpion pest control. Our services are performed at night while scorpions are active, not during the day when they are hidden in their habitats. Using high powered ultraviolet flood lights scorpions are found even in the darkest places.

Scorpion Sweepers will find the cause or causes of your scorpion infestation and work with you to solve your problem. Our technicians hand collect active scorpions while combing your external property looking for habitats and other factors that may contribute to pests presence. We take a scientific approach to holistically eliminate the population instead of the band aid approach of pesticide use.

Some of the scorpions we collect and remove from your property are sent to the The University of Arizona Department of Entomology or other universities or labs. There behavioral and venom research studies are conducted on the specimens giving their lives a purpose.

Scorpions In Phoenix, Arizona Map
Scorpions In Phoenix, Arizona Map

In this map of scorpions in the Phoenix, Arizona area you can see where scorpions are most prevalent. Paradise Valley is by far the most popular part of the valley for scorpions, next is southern Gilbert and Chandler. Almost all of Scottsdale has scorpions with the northern part having more. Tempe is also a well know scorpion area due to the alleys that run through the city.

In the city of Phoenix; Arcadia and the Biltmore have the highest density of scorpions. The closer you get to Camelback Mountain the more scorpions you will find. North Mountain is another hot spot, as are any buttes, mesas or mountains you find across the valley. The foothills of Ahwatukee often have a high density of scorpions closest to the mountains.

In the northwest valley, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise have many scorpions, especially up in the foothills towards Lake Pleasant. Even further north Cave Creek, Carefree, and Anthem we find both Arizona Bark and Desert Hairy Scorpions.

While this map is just of the Phoenix Area, we do travel to other parts of Arizona. During the summer months, we will head to Flagstaff and Sedona. We even go as far south as Green Valley and Tucson to provide scorpion control services. Scorpions Sweepers will go anywhere in Arizona to help people exterminate scorpions.