Inside Edition Appearance by Scorpion Sweepers

Female: A baby’s lucky to be alive after a scorpion bite sent her to the hospital, and dangerously near death. As Jim Moret reports, if not for the quick action of her mother, this story might not have a happy ending.

Stephanie: Hello, baby. Hi.

Jim: It’s hard to believe that this adorable, happy baby looked like this just a week earlier; hooked up to tubes and clinging to life. The reason? A poisonous sting from a creepy, crawly scorpion.

Stephanie: The worst thing that could possibly happen was happening.

Jim: Stephanie Moors was on a yoga retreat with her 6-month-old daughter, Daisy, in Oracle, Arizona. She had just laid her daughter down on the floor to feed her, when a scorpion suddenly crawled under Daisy’s head.

Stephanie: I knew what it was and I panicked. I picked her up as quickly as I could.

Jim: The scorpion had already stung the little girl behind her ear.

Stephanie: She was vomiting and convulsing.

Jim: Daisy was airlifted to the hospital. Nothing could have prepared her parents for what happened next. Little Daisy wasn’t breathing; her lung had collapsed, and the scorpion sting triggered a staph infection. This video shows the effect of scorpion stings on young children. Their muscles are twitching and their eyes roll backwards. The young patients were treated at the University of Arizona with a new anti-venom that’s being tested, and they recovered quickly. The anti-venom wasn’t available for Daisy. She struggled for 5 days in the hospital, before finally recovering.
8,000 scorpion stings are reported each year in Arizona. Ben Holland actually hunts down the creatures on people’s property.

Ben: Recently, we did an initial sweep at a home, and we found about 35 scorpions in one person’s home. Then we proceeded, and in a month, we’ve pulled 200 from them.

Jim: Scorpions usually only sting when they’re surprised or cornered, but that doesn’t bring any comfort to these parents who watched their daughter nearly die.

Stephanie: I’m terrified of scorpions now. I hope I never see one ever again.

Female: On top of everything else, the family does not have health insurance. It was due to kick in about a week after the baby was stung. If you’d like to know how you can help, just come to for details.

After a baby was stung by a scorpion in the summer of 2011 our founder Ben Holland was asked to be interviewed as a scorpion expert on Inside Edition. The producer and cameraman flew out to Scottsdale from Los Angeles to interview him at his home.

In this clip from Inside Edition you will see the story of a baby that was stung by a scorpion in Oracle, Arizona. The child was rushed to the University of Arizona Medical Center, after five agonizing days she was released having fully recovered.

In the video you see Ben searching for scorpions in the middle of the day, despite the nocturnal nature of the creatures. The producer wanted to get an idea of Scorpion Sweepers methods even though none would be found.

The scorpions filmed in for the piece were all caught be Scorpion Sweepers and filmed prior to the interview with Ben.

In the report the reporter misspoke on a couple of unimportant facts:

Inside Edition Shoot
Inside Edition Shoot
    Ben Holland

    Pest control expert Ben Holland is the owner of Scorpion Sweepers, located in Scottsdale, AZ. Founding a pest control company based on continued research, his methods are innovative and effective. Qualified Applicator #: 30873 Applicator Licence #: 120561

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