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Hi. I’m Ben Holland, founder of Scorpion Sweepers. I want to tell you a little bit about the history of our company. It all started back in 2005, while I was interning at Arizona State University in the Reptile Lab under Dr. Dale DeNardo. While I was interning, I did a three-month olfactory study on Gila Monsters. To support our lab, I and my lab mates would go out at night and perform pest control services around Tempe, Arizona. After I graduated, I decided to make a business out of this and I created Scorpion Sweepers. Since 2006, we have been refining our methods and doing research on the scorpions to find out the optimal times to perform our sweeps. I really enjoy what we’re doing and I think we’re helping out the community. We provide a safe, organic, pesticide-free option for people who are concerned about the health of their environment and their children.

We are a fully licensed pest control company that focuses solely on scorpions. We do it without the use of any chemicals, dusts or pesticides. We use UltraViolet floodlights to hand remove the scorpions from properties. While we are doing this we look for areas of high density and where they are living so we can give recommendations on how to prevent the habitats they were utilizing. Hopefully, we can find the source, sometimes the is local like a woodpile or bed of rocks or it can be external coming from an alley, wash or neighboring property. Once we see how bad the problem we are aggressive to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem.

Scorpion Sweepers was founded in 2006 by Ben Holland. The methods used by scorpion sweepers were developed while Ben earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Arizona State University.

After graduation, Ben started Scorpion Sweepers to provide people in his community with effective scorpion pest control. Since 2006 the company has grown and refined its techniques to become the premiere scorpion control services in the nation.

Scorpion Sweepers has partnered with the University of Arizona to provide scorpions for their behavior and venom studies. In some instances, scorpions collected during our sweeps are used in various experiments conducted by the Department of Entomology at The University of Arizona.

We are proud to say that the scorpions we collect to help keep families in the Phoenix and Tucson metros safe are used for a scientific purpose to enhance the knowledge of these species. While most pest control companies kill pest and leave them on client properties we remove the pests we prevent and give their lives a purpose.

Scorpion Sweepers collects weather and other data before and after every sweep to find the optimum conditions for scorpion activity. We collect over ten separate data points to find out what makes scorpions tick and the environment the prefer the most. This research helps us determine the best times for scorpion activity so we may conduct our sweeps during times with the highest percentage of scorpion activity.