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Maintenance Scorpion Control Service

Scorpion Maintenance Pest Control


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A Card With Total Found Is Placed On Front Door


Written Report Sent Via Email Within A Week

Our Maintenance Scorpion Control Service takes place after a Scorpion Audit or Scorpion Home Inspection has been completed. Based on the severity of your scorpion infestation weekly, bi-weekly or monthly programs are available. Scheduling is based on need and when we recognize that your population is lower sweeps can be less frequent. There are no long-term contracts and you can stop or alter service at any time.

Our Scorpion Removal Technicians will sweep all of the property’s outside areas using a high-powered ultraviolet light that causes the scorpions to brightly glow. We will tell you exactly where we found all of the scorpions, recommend habitats to remove, identify the source of the scorpions. While we sweep the property, we will observe the qualities they believe are causing scorpions to inhabit the area. Our technicians are certified through the Pest Management division of the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Maintenance Details:

  • Walk the exterior of the property removing scorpions
  • Documenting the number of scorpions and where they are caught
  • Observe and document the source of the scorpions
  • Conclude service with a report that summarizes our findings

Maintenance Sweeps

  • Sweep of Exterior of Home
  • Hand Removal of Scorpions
  • Work to Eliminate Source
  • Continued Recommendations
  • Implementation of Strategy

Select Price Based On Location

About Maintenance Scorpion Control Service

Our Maintenance Scorpion Control Service is the second phase of our scorpion prevention plan. After a Scorpion Audit or Scorpion Home Inspection is completed, control sweeps are needed to quickly lower the population and keep it at a manageable level or exterminate the scorpions entirely.

You can sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service with discounts available when a summer’s worth of sweeps are purchased. There are no long-term contracts, you can skip a sweep or stop service altogether whenever you’d like. We are very flexible and will work with you to find a plan that fits your specific needs best.

When you sign up for our maintenance scorpion prevention service the same group of sweepers will perform the service. This allows us to get to know your property very well, learning where the habitats are, where scorpions are normally located and provide advanced recommendations to prevent scorpions. We will also let you know of other things we find on the property like dead birds, other pest infestations, suspicious activity, and damage lighting. Most sweeps are scheduled for the same week of each month allowing you to plan well in advance.

Just like our Scorpion Audits and Scorpion Home Inspections, we will provide a written report within a week that details where we found the scorpions, our recommendations for prevention and the time of the next sweep. We often arrive after midnight for these sweeps, no one needs to be present for this service. We ask that all exterior lights are turned off, all sprinklers are off, pets are inside and that gates to the backyard are unlocked.

Maintenance Scorpion Service Report

Total Scorpions Removed


Sweep & Location Map

Scorpion Collection Map

The blue line is the path the sweeper walked and the purple pins are where the scorpions were found.

Sweep History Report

Sample History Report

Strategy Moving Forward

Maintenance service during the summer.

Our maintenance service keeps the population at a manageable level, and can even eliminate the problem.

Source Of The Scorpions

The source of the scorpions is a combination of factors. First, there is the issue of overgrown vegetation. Many of the bushes in the front and back yard were overgrown at the ground level. This creates the perfect hiding space for scorpions. Also, much of the overgrown bushes in the back are lining the perimeter wall, which is the most common area we find scorpions. This readily available shelter along the perimeter walls creates the perfect shelter for scorpions. Finally, a source of the scorpions could be the fact your family just recently moved into the home. The home being unattended for 2-3 months prior to your arrival could have allowed scorpions to enter the home where they might not have had a family been inhabiting the property.

Our Recommendations

  • Trim landscaping 6-8 inches above the ground and away from walls to prevent shade during the day. Cricket, cockroaches and sometimes scorpions love this habitat.
  • Remove leaf litter and other organic material from the property. This is perfect food and shelter for prey species of scorpions. Scorpions have been known to use this as a habitat as well.
  • Remove piles of wood, bricks, pavers, cinderblocks, or roof tiles from the property. These are scorpions hotels providing many cracks and crevasses that multiple scorpions can live in for years.
  • Remove river rocks over 3 inches in diameter. These rocks provide a perfect habitat for scorpions. They allow them to fit underneath them completely, shading them from the sun.
  • Remove large decorative rocks, they may have space underneath them that scorpions can live in. When it rains the water erodes the dirt underneath them that makes cracks which are perfect habitats for scorpions.
  • There were some plant pots or planters on your property that were placed on the ground. These are great habitats for pest, The space under the pot or planter is a great habitat, there is also ample water from the watering of the plant. We recommend placing these on 4-6 inch tall stands so that air and light can go underneath.

Scorpion Details

Arizona Bark Scorpions Found: 19

Desert Hairy Scorpions: 0

Striped Tail Scorpions: 0

Babies Caught: 0

Mothers Caught: 0

Scorpions Found in the Front Yard

There were three scorpions caught in the front yard. Two of them were found at the base of the bushes to the right of your driveway. The third scorpion was found underneath the electricity box on the side of the wall, to the right of the garage.

Scorpions Found in the Back Yard

There 14 scorpions found in the back yard. Three of these scorpions were deceased. The major hot spot in the backyard was the area behind your pool along the back perimeter wall. The vast majority of the scorpions caught were lining the perimeter wall.

Scorpions Found Inside House

We did not sweep the inside of your home.

Other Pests Encountered

  • Crickets were heard throughout the property. Crickets are one of the top prey for scorpions. Crickets are one of the main sources of food for Scorpions, by eliminating this prey item you can reduce your scorpion population.
  • There were small holes in the ground on your property. These holes are probably being created by small mammals. They also can provide habitat for scorpions, other arthropods and small invertebrates.

Other Notes

There were no scorpions seen on our around your children’s play area or toys.