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Monthly Scorpion Control Service

Regular Scorpion Control

Our Monthly Scorpion Control Service takes place after a Scorpion Audit or Scorpion Home Inspection has been completed. Based on the severity of your scorpion infestation weekly, bi-weekly or monthly programs are available. Scheduling is based on need and when we recognize that your population is lower sweeps can be less frequent.

There are no long-term contracts and you can stop or alter service at any time. Bulk pricing is available if a summer’s worth of sweeps is purchased. Normally the same sweeper will sweep your property each time allow us to evolve our service to work best.

Control Sweeps

  • Sweep of Exterior of Home
  • Hand Removal of Scorpions
  • Work to Eliminate Source
  • Continued Recommendations
  • Implementation of Strategy

Select Price Based On Location

About Monthy Scorpion Control Service


Optional: Join Us While We Sweep Your Yard


A Card With Total Found Is Placed On Front Door


Written Report Sent Via Email Within A Week

Our Monthly Scorpion Control Service is the second phase of our scorpion prevention plan. After a Scorpion Audit or Scorpion Home Inspection is completed, control sweeps are needed to quickly lower the population and keep it at a manageable level or exterminate the scorpions entirely.

You can sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service with discounts available when a summer’s worth of sweeps are purchased. There are no long-term contracts, you can skip a sweep or stop service altogether whenever you’d like. We are very flexible and will work with you to find a plan that fits your specific needs best.

When you sign up for our monthly scorpion prevention service the same sweeper will usually perform the service. This allows us to get to know your property very well, learning where the habitats are, where scorpions are normally located and provide advanced recommendations to prevent scorpions. We will also let you know of other things we find on the property like dead birds, other pest infestations, suspicious activity and damage lighting. Most sweeps are scheduled for the same week of each month allowing you to plan well in advance.

Just like our Scorpion Audits and Scorpion Home Inspections we will provide a written report within a week that details where we found the scorpions, our recommendations for prevention and the time of the next sweep. We often arrive after midnight for these sweeps, no one needs to be present for this service. We ask that all exterior lights are turned off, all sprinklers are off, pets are inside and that gates to the backyard are unlocked.

Monthly Scorpion Service Report

This report is from a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This client has signed up for sweeps every week in the summer months for scorpion prevention.

Sweep Results and Scorpion Locations

On Thursday night we found seven Arizona Bark Scorpions. We removed one scorpion from your front yard during tonight’s sweep. This scorpion was on the base of your mailbox, on the home side of the box in the gravel. Six scorpions were removed from your backyard this evening. Four were removed from just one bush, the trimmed bush closest to the pathway in the back left corner. All four were around the base, trying to find cover. The next two were both on the right side of the yard. One was high up on the perimeter wall, the other was on the exterior gravel of the basketball court.

Notes and Recommendations

Seven scorpions were removed during tonight’s sweep. The vegetation in the yard looks much better and has clearly been trimmed back. There are still some areas that can be trimmed more. There was still some fruit and leaf debris, these are attracting crickets and cockroaches still. But overall, much better. The back left corner was a target area tonight, the scorpions seemed clumped there. They seemed as though their habitat was lacking, which it is now since some bushes have been trimmed back. Keep up the good work. Continue removing fallen organic debris and animal waste. No scorpions were found on the front porch, sitting areas, back patio or children’s playhouse. The population may be entering your yard from the left and right neighboring properties, based on average findings. Make sure trees are trimmed back off of the wall and any overhanging trees trimmed out of your yard, to minimize access points. Also, make sure pool toys are picked up off the ground so scorpions don’t find shelter underneath them.

Next Sweep

Your next sweep is Thursday at 1:30am.