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Hello. My name’s John Davis. I’m Director of Research and Development for Scorpion Sweepers, and I’m also a Scorpion Sweet Specialist. Today, I wanted to talk to you about continuous sweeps, which are sometimes required to keep scorpion populations at your home reduced.

We have one customer that we’ve had for a couple of years now, and initially, he had signed up for an infestation protocol. When we arrived at his property, he hadn’t done much landscaping, had really allowed his yard to get overgrown, and of course, hadn’t had any scorpion control on his property before. Initially the first time we went to his property, we collected 132 scorpions. We continue to service his property every week for the entire summer. By the end, we had regularly gotten his number of scorpions down to single-digits each time we visited. We began to sweep his property again this spring. Upon revisiting his property, we were regularly finding double- digits; 10, 20, and even up to 30 per sweep.

Upon assessing his property and identifying some of the sources for these scorpions, we realized that there was a foot gap between his wall and his neighbor’s wall that was more or less a corridor that allowed scorpions a permanent refuge. We weren’t able to access that, but we could see scorpions between the two walls. In addition, he had a large tree in his front yard that had lots of nooks and crannies and loose bark that the scorpions really liked. Each time that we go to his property, we regularly find 5, and up to 10 scorpions on that tree, and regularly find scorpions along his walls that he shares with his neighbor.

Because of this, we recommend to this particular customer that we have continuous sweeps at his property every week or every other week, just to keep his scorpion population reduced. We don’t want to again boom and become in the 100s, which would most likely occur if we did not come out to his property on a regular basis. We continue to make recommendations for maintaining landscaping, which our customer has done, and this has significantly reduced his problem for the long-term.

If you have a problem, a high number of scorpions at your property, we’re happy to come out and do an initial infestation protocol, provide recommendations for you to reduce those numbers. Then if need be, we’re happy to come out and provide a continuous service to keep your population reduced. In fact, recently, we’ve been going out to many of our longtime customers to make sure that we’re addressing the problem during the reproductive season which has been occurring for the last month or so. We regularly remove mothers which can carry 15, 20, or 30 babies on their back. By doing so, we can significantly reduce the problems at their homes by removing a large number of scorpions at one time. Please contact Scorpion Sweepers if you’re interested in any of our services. Thank you. Have a good day.

Paradise Valley Home
Paradise Valley, AZ home

We have been sweeping a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona for two years. First, we conducted a Scorpion Audit finding 103 Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus). Concerned the client had us perform biweekly sweeps to keep the population low. After 20 sweeps we have removed over 600 scorpions. Due to the environmental factors on this property the homeowner is destined to have an issue. Our Maintenance Sweeps keep the population down and the scorpions away from the house.

Scorpion Sweeper Specialist and Director of Research and Development Jon Davis, Ph.D. reviews our history with this Paradise Valley, AZ home. Before the home owner had moved in he asked Scorpion Sweepers to perform a Infestation Protocol. The unattended landscaping and lack of pest control allowed all pests not just scorpions to run rampant on the property.

Scorpions have many habitats on this property. The perimeter walls for this lot are a foot apart from the next lot, creating a freeway for all wildlife and home for scorpions. There are also two large trees with damaged bark. This bark allows for many nooks and crannies for the scorpions to live in. Aside from removing the trees and knocking down the walls, there is no solution to these problems.

Due to the severity of the infestation Scorpion Sweepers has to conduct Bi-Weekly sweeps to keep the population down. By the end of the first summer, the numbers were down to single digits. Without pest control measures scorpions would reinhabit this property with a population in the hundreds.

This is one of our older reports, find our current report sample here.

Sweep Results and Locations

On Wednesday we found 31 Arizona bark scorpions, including 1 female with 4 babies. 4 were found on the wall on the west side of the front yard, 1 was found on the wall of the house to the right of the front door. 8 adults, including 1 female with 4 babies, were found on the large tree in the front yard. 1 was found in the front yard on the small wall shared with your neighbor to the east. 2 were found on the wall just to the left as you enter the back yard. 1 was found on the back wall adjacent to the gate to the very back yard and 4 were found on the walls in the very back yard. 2 were found on a stump to the left of the pool pump, 2 were found on the wall behind the large tree to the right of the pool pump, and 2 were wound on the wall in the corner of the backyard where the wall intersects with the front yard wall.

Notes and Recommendations

We highly recommend removing the two large tree in the front yard they are great habitats for scorpions. The damaged bark provides many hiding places shelter for many pests. Additionally, the ground covering plants under these trees should be removed, we witnessed many cockroaches running under these plants. Your property walls have an approximate one-foot gap between your lot and the neighbors. This space is a perfect living space for all pests, especially scorpions. Aside from knocking down this wall, there is not much you can do. Finally, the palm tree in the back right of your property is a bit overgrown and harboring a fair amount of scorpions, this should be trimmed or removed.

Since we are finding so many scorpions on your property walls, we recommend sealing them to remove this habitat.

If you are finding scorpions inside your home we recommend a sealing your home that can help with your indoor scorpion issues.

Next Sweep

We have made great headway so far and are doing a good job keeping the population low. With these environmental factors I recommend we continue with bi-weekly sweeps until the scorpions retire for winter.

Paradise Valle, AZ Scorpion Population Graph
Paradise Valley, AZ scorpion extermination graph
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