Scorpion Specimens


We provide Arizona bark scorpions.


We can fulfill orders from March – November.


We are able to provide regular shipments in the hundreds.


We collect scorpions form properties in the greater Phoenix area.

Hi I am Ben Holland, founder of Scorpions Sweepers. Our goal is to have every scorpion we collect used for research. We work with many universities and laboratories throughout the United States, providing them with Arizona Bark Scorpion specimens for their research. Whether you are doing a behavioral, venom or pesticide study we can supply you with scorpion specimens. Our scorpions are caught to order and never breed or from a farm. We supply only specimens taken directly from their natural habitat, in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Our ordering process is quick and painless with most shipments being received within two weeks of the order.

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Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona bark scorpion

We provide living or dead Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus) specimens found in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. We have the ability to provide scorpions that can range in size from a pinhead to around three inches. We often catch gravid mothers and are able to provide scorpions of any age desired, from newborn to full adult. Identifying the sex of this species of scorpion is extremely difficult and we ask that no gender preference is requested.

All of the Arizona Bark Scorpion specimens we provide are caught to order. We collect these scorpion specimens from the back yards and alleys of our client’s homes in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. Scorpions may be from a single yard or a mixture of yards throughout the valley. It is not uncommon for us to provide scorpion captured from Suprise, Arizona all the way to Gilbert, Arizona. We do not breed or farm scorpions, all scorpions are collected from their natural habitat, at the time of the order.

At Scorpion Sweepers our goal is to have all of the scorpions we capture used for research. Prior to the order, we will require notification of the use of the scorpions. Arizona Bark Scorpions are an extremely venomous and dangerous species and we take the use of them very seriously. We will not provide scorpions to anyone for anything other than research purposes. Some of the most popular studies our scorpions have been used for are behavioral, venom, and pesticide.

  • BehavioralOur Arizona Bark Scorpions specimens are perfect for behavioral studies. Our specimens are pulled directly from their habitat once you order them and have not been exposed to any unnatural environments or situations.
  • VenomThe venom from our Arizona Bark Scorpions is perfect for any venom or anti-venom study. Our scorpions are not farmed or breed to order, so the venom is exactly what would be found in the wild, allowing for the most accurate and effective research.
  • PesticideOur Arizona Bark Scorpions are taken from properties where Scorpioncide or Scorpion Pesticides will be used. Our specimens are the exact scorpion a pesticide will be trying to prevent.

If you are a researcher looking to buy or purchase scorpions for any study we can provide the specimens. We have a fast and easy ordering process, most orders are fulfilled in less than two weeks. Our minimum order is 30 Arizona Bark Scorpions, we can provide thousands of scorpions in just a few weeks if needed. Orders can be shipped all at once or in regular shipments over a span of time. Orders can be fulfilled in the summer months from May-October.

All orders are shipped as soon as we have all of the scorpions requested. Scorpions are securely packed containers, shipped in insulated boxes with ice packs to preserve the specimens. All orders are shipped overnight with shipping and handling fees incurred by the recipient.

We love helping researchers advancing the study of scorpions. If you do partner with us we ask that you mention us in your study and on your website.