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Paradise Valley 72 Scorpions Removed in Three Sweeps

Paradise Valley Scorpion Infestation Controlled

A homeowner in Paradise Valley, AZ called us in September of 2011. He told us he had found over 20 scorpions on glue traps throughout his home during the summer and was concerned for the safety of his family. We conducted an Infestation Protocol collecting 72 scorpions in a ten-day span.

Paradise Valley Scorpion Control Testimonial

At this home in Paradise Valley, Arizona Scorpion Sweepers conducted 3 sweeps in a ten day period. During these sweeps over 70 Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus) were collected. Scorpions were found on the front porch, on the back deck, on the pool waterfall, in the dog kennel, in the yard and inside the property walls.

Paradise Valley Scorpion Infestation Back Story

After the Infestation Protocol collected 72 scorpions regular control sweeps were conducted. This property is about an acre and resides on a hill covered in large river rocks. During the first sweep scorpions were found all over the property, a step could not be made with out seeing a scorpion nearby. The biggest problem was the high density of scorpions on or near the home, over 10 were found in the patio area alone.

After a 16 sweeps and a year of service the scorpions have gone from 43 to 8. The spike you see in the graph above during September of 2012 is due to a mother with 25 baby scorpions on her back.

We sweep this property monthly to keep the scorpion population down. The desert surrounding the property is an environmental source for scorpions, causing the population to spill over in to the yard.

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Paradise Valley Scorpion Control Population Graph

Paradise Valley Scorpion Control Population Graph

Paradise Valley Scorpion Control Testimonial Video Transcript

We’d like to thank Scorpion Sweepers. I’d like the thank Cameron, Ben, and Eric for doing a terrific job helping us clear out our problem here. We’ve had about 60 scorpions collected in the last 2 days. We’ve had an infestation at our home, and we were looking for a solution to eliminate the scorpions. We don’t believe in the poison, and we felt after doing our research, that Scorpion Sweepers was the best solution for us. After the last 2 nights, spending the last hour of the evening with Ben and the team, we were amazed by how many scorpions they were able to collect. It’s really, actually a lot of fun to look at the scorpions glow at night. It’s like a sport. It’s really a great solution and I recommend them very highly.