Gilbert Family’s Scorpions Controlled

Once the wall was sealed, we haven't seen anything inside the house.

Mother: What do you think of the wall?

Girl: I think it’s good because we don’t see any scorpions in the house. I think it’s awesome!

Father: We’re really happy with the way the wall the treatment worked out. It lowered the amount of scorpions we had been seeing.

Mother: Yeah, we moved in nine years ago and had scorpions the whole time we’ve been in the house since she was a small baby. We’ve seen scorpions on the floor in the kitchen, the walls of the bathroom. Many times she has almost stepped on them in bare feet, as well as our dogs.

Mother: It was just getting to the point where we were going to move out of Arizona or do something about it. So we contacted Scorpion Sweepers. We found out that most of the scorpions that were coming into the house were actually living in out exterior wall. Then at night they would come out of the wall and migrate into the home.

Mother: Once the wall was sealed, we haven’t seen anything inside the house. The majority of the scorpion population has gone down significantly. That’s a big relief for us because that was our primary concern.

Father: Thank you very much!

The mother of this Gilbert, Arizona family gave us a ring in the spring of 2016 looking for an answer to their scorpion problem. They had seen scorpions here or there for the last few years and wanted to do everything they could to eliminate them.

We came and did a Scorpion Audit finding six Arizona Bark Scorpions. Not comfortable with this amount they signed up for monthly sweeps and to get their Property Wall Sealed. After two days of hard work, the wall was sealed and sanded ready for the homeowners to paint over the foam when they painted the entire wall. The Property Wall Sealing worked great, helping to lower the scorpion population drastically

Over the course of the summer, we saw the numbers dwindle down to zero in November. This was a huge sigh of relief to the family, happy with Scorpion Sweepers service they agreed to do a testimonial.

Gilbert Scorpions Collected
Gilbert scorpions collected
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