Bugtastic Weekend Presentation

Presentation From The Bugtastic Weekend

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Ben Holland – Founder of Socrpion Sweepers

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Where To Find Them

  • On property walls
  • Palm trees
  • Piles of wood, tiles or pavers
  • Large rocks 4 inches or more
  • Could be anywhere

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Types Of Scorpions

  • Arizona Bark Scorpion
  • Desert Hairy Scorpion

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They Glow

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What To Do When You See A Scorpion
S – Stop
W – Walk Away
A – Ask A
G – Grown Up

On July 23rd, 2016 our Founder, Ben Holland was asked to present at the Arizona Science Center, Bugtastic Weekend. His presentation was about fifteen minutes long and was created for young children. He discussed scorpions found in the Phoenix, Arizona area, how they glow and what to do if you encounter one.

He also appeared on Science Saturday on Fox 10 earlier that morning.

This brief presentation about scorpions was to let small children know the essential about scorpions. It discussed where scorpions are commonly found, why they glow and what to do if you find one. It lasted about fifteen minutes and spurred a lot of questions from the children.

This was such a great event. The Arizona Science Center is a ton of fun for children and adults. The large moving mechanical bugs in the Bugtastic Weekend exhibit were amazing. Some of the bugs were over twenty feet tall and really showed everyone what these creatures look like and how they move.

We were contacted about a month prior to the event and asked to speak. The marketing team from the AZ Science Center also wanted our Founder, Ben Holland to appear on the morning news to promote the event.

There were around 70 people, mostly children watching Ben’s presentation. After presenting the kids lined up to look at the live scorpions Ben had brought and to ask questions. This line was so long and there were so many questions, that it took Ben over an hour to respond to each and every one of them.

Bugtastic Weekend Bugs
Bugtastic weekend bugs

About The Event

July 23–24, 2016
10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Arizona Science Center will host a Bugtastic Weekend, a two-day celebration of all things creepy and crawly, on Saturday and Sunday. This will be a unique opportunity to learn, explore and engage with all kinds of insects. Whether you are fascinated–or maybe even fearful–of bugs, you will enjoy this event.

Special demos and activities each day include live insect Meet & Greets, Cricket car races, Bee Buzzers and so much more. Kids are encouraged to put their best bug costume to celebrate the weekend and be part of the daily costume contest. And, don’t miss seeing “The World of Giant Insects”, locally sponsored by APS; “BUGS! A Rainforest Adventure” in 3D. and the Center’s “Going Buggy!” preserved insect collection in APS Solarville.

Saturday event to include:

Black widows presented by ASU West’s Dr. Chad Johnson Spider Lab
Special presentations from Scorpion Sweepers and Desert Botanical Gardens
Kid–friendly activities about the importance of pollinators courtesy of Whole Foods Market

    Ben Holland

    Pest control expert Ben Holland is the owner of Scorpion Sweepers, located in Scottsdale, AZ. Founding a pest control company based on continued research, his methods are innovative and effective. Qualified Applicator #: 30873 Applicator Licence #: 120561

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