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Scorpions Eliminated at Tempe Home

Tempe Scorpion Problem Solved

After a Tempe, Arizona man purchased a house he found scorpions in his kitchen and living room. Using an Ultra Violet flashlight he searched for scorpions himself finding many outside. Concerned he decided to call the experts. After just ten sweeps his scorpion infestation was eliminated.

Tempe Client Testimonial

At a newly purchased home in Tempe, AZ Arizona Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus) were found all over the yard and in the house. The family who just moved in had a newborn son and were very concerned for his safety. Scorpion Sweepers conducted an Infestation Protocol and made several recommendations on how to prevent the pests in and around his home. After a few sweeps and some due diligence by the homeowner the scorpions were gone.

Tempe Scorpion Infestation Back Story

After purchasing a home a new father was alarmed to find scorpions inside. Worried about his family’s safety he set out to find a quick and effective solution for his problem.

While doing some investigating he found a serious problem in his back yard. He looked for a company that would focus on his scorpion problem and decided to call Scorpion Sweepers.

Our Scorpion Specialist determined that the wood porch in the back yard was harboring the entire scorpion population. After removing the porch Scorpion Sweepers swept the property weekly to collect the scorpions while they were searching for new shelter. In just ten sweeps the scorpions were eradicated.

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Tempe Scorpion Infestation Population Map

Tempe Scorpion Infestation Population Map

Tempe Scorpion Infestation Video Transcription

Hello. I have used Scorpion Sweepers to identify and sweep out my scorpion problem. The main source of my scorpions was underneath one of my decks out back. Under their advice, I removed it, and we have killed or captured well over 100 scorpions. To this day, my scorpion problem has been pretty much eliminated. They gave me ideas on how I can improve my yard to prevent the scorpions from coming back in the future.