Science Saturday Appearance on Fox 10

Ty Brennan: They’re creepy, they’re crawly. We’re learning all about insects and scorpions this morning. It’s a preview of the Bugtastic Weekend at the Arizona Science Center. That is coming up next.

Ty Brennan: Yes, we’ve got some potentially dangerous creatures here in the studio.

Ty Brennan: What are you supposed to do if you do come across a scorpion?

Ben Holland: Exactly, burn the house down. You just want to be cautious, they can’t jump or run very very fast so you can just control it. Usually, the Bark Scorpions will stop after about ten feet and you can step on them or you can spray it with some sort of household pesticide. But be very cautious because the sting can be lethal if you have an immune deficiency if you’re young or elderly.

On July 23rd, 2016 we were featured on the Fox 10 Morning News. We were there to help the Arizona Science Center promote their Bugtastic Weekend. Our Founder, Ben Holland was asked to speak at the event to teach people more about scorpions found in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

See Ben’s Scorpions In Phoenix Presentation he presented at the Bugtastic Weekend.

In this Science Saturday segment, the Fox News team discussed the Bugtastic Weekend at the Arizona Science Center. They talk about how insects and arachnids are beneficial and help out with pollination. The AZ Science Center team hands it off to our Founder, Ben Holland to discuss scorpions in Phoenix, what to do when you encounter one and what do to do if you are stung. Ben shows two different species of scorpions, Desert Hairy and Bark Scorpions, discussing the differences between the two.

Science Saturday on Fox 10
Ben Holland with the Fox 10 morning anchors and Arizona Science Center team
    Ben Holland

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