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Scorpion Home Inspections

Scorpion Inspections For Home Buyers And Sellers

Our Scorpion Home Inspections are perfect for someone who is buying or selling a home. Our pesticide-free methods use Ultra Violet light at night to remove scorpions from your property. We will tell you exactly where we found all of the scorpions, recommend habitats to remove, identify the source of the scorpions and let you know how difficult we feel it will be to exterminate the scorpions entirely.

We offer preferred scheduling and expedited report delivery for our Home Inspections to ensure you have all the information you need prior to the end of your inspection period.

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  • Sweep of Interior of Home
    (if vacant)
  • Priority Scheduling
  • Expedited Reporting

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Report Sent Via Email Prior To End Of Inspection Period

If you are buying or selling a home, our Scorpion Home Inspections are perfect for you. We can either remove your scorpions prior to a buyer inspecting the home or work with buyers to ensure the property is scorpion free.

Many home sales will include a scorpion disclosure, where the seller informs a buyer that they have seen scorpions in the past. If there is a scorpion disclosure on a home you are buying we highly recommend a Scorpion Home Inspection. We will provide you with preferred scheduling so we can inspect the home within your ten day inspection period.

Prior to the close of your inspection period, we will email our report to you that outlines how many scorpions were found, where they were found, our recommendations to remove habitats, the source of the scorpions and a prevention strategy moving forward. We will let you know how difficult it will be to eliminate the scorpion problem prior to your purchase or sale of the home.

In the unlikely case that there is litigation regarding the home sale we will be more than willing to present our findings in court.

Home Inspections include the outside and the inside of the property if the inside is vacant. We ask that prior to sunset the day of the Home Inspection all doors, drawers, cabinets and anything else you would like us to look in is opened. This will allow us to sweep the home quickly, without a lot of movement that may cause the scorpions to hide. We also ask that all interior and exterior lights are turned off prior to sunset.

If your home is not vacant we recommend a Scorpion Audit. Based on our finding and your purchase decision we can sign you up for Monthly Sweeps.

Scorpion Home Inspection Report

Inspection Results and Scorpion Locations

On Thursday night we found 86 Arizona Bark Scorpions. Over the course of our sweep of your front yard, we removed 39 scorpions. 20 of these were babies. There were a few areas of concern. The bush just to the left of the large gate, by the garage, had 8 scorpions at the base of it. No scorpions were found on the front porch or in the garages. The rest were found in the trimmed palms on the right side of your yard. These palm trees are trimmed, however, the old bark still provides an excellent habitat and we recommend trimming back further. These scorpions ranged from the base of the palms to about chest height. In the backyard, tonight’s removal number was 47. We found another mother, carrying 8 babies in the backyard. The majority of these scorpions were along the perimeter wall, but more concentrated on the right side of the yard, all towards the bases of the bushes and palm trees. Another note- about 1/3 of these appears to already be dead. One scorpion was found in the pool deck area, while zero were found in the casita area. Four scorpions were removed from the back patio, but three appeared to be deceased. Along the left and center back of your perimeter wall, there were several scorpions along the top of the wall- possibly entering from the other side of the wall. The majority of scorpions again was on the right side yard, mirroring the front yards concentration.

Notes and Recommendations

The scorpions removed tonight totaled 86. 28 babies removed. A fair amount of the scorpions removed appeared to already be dead as well. Possible reasons as to your high population include the ally or wash behind your house providing an excellent t travel area and an area for scorpion prey to reside. Also, your yards landscaping is conducive to scorpion habitats. We recommend following our best practices. These include trimming all vegetation six to eight inches above the ground. All of the low ground covering bushes need to be trimmed up and raked out. The Palm trees are trimmed but could be further to reduce scorpion habitat. Gilbert does have large scorpion populations and this also adds to your problem. We recommend returning until the population is within single digits. Please remove any fallen leaf litter, fallen fruit, animal waste and other organic material from your yards as this attract pests and scorpions as well. The scorpions found tonight seemed clustered in specific areas- areas where we observed more cockroaches. Preventive measures for scorpions includes removing their prey as well- this can be done through spraying for cockroaches or change in landscaping and yard watering routines.

Strategy For Prevention

We recommend being very aggressive and sweeping as soon as possible. Weekly sweeps are advised until the scorpions are in single digits. Then we can switch to monthly sweeps in the summer months.