Signs Of And How To Tell If A House Has Scorpions

Are you buying a home in the Greater Phoenix area, Tucson, or any other location in Arizona, and want to know the signs of or if it has scorpions? Many new home buyers are concerned that their dream home is infested with scorpions. To avoid this problem, follow this guide.

Here are some things to evaluate that may indicate a scorpion problem:

  • External features such as washes, alleys, golf courses
  • Poorly maintained landscaping
  • Vacant or poorly maintained home
  • Other pest infestations
  • Excessive spider webs

Home Inspections

  • Nighttime pesticide-free scorpion control
  • Services exterior and interior of the home and yard
  • Determine the source of the scorpion infestation
  • Identify pest habitats to remove
  • Customized strategy to exterminate scorpions

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Where Are Scorpions In Phoenix

Scorpions In Phoenix, Arizona Map
Scorpions In Phoenix, Arizona Map

We find scorpions all over the state of Arizona. This map demonstrates that the largest scorpion problem exists in Phoenix and the surrounding metropolitan area. The redder the area, the worse the problem is. In the Phoenix area, we find scorpions in pockets. Not all areas in Phoenix have scorpions. We have found many homes that have severe scorpion problems while homes across the street have never seen a scorpion. Scorpions appear to be more prevalent in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and Gilbert. If you are looking at a home in one of these hot spots, it is not certain that you will have scorpions but there is a high likelihood.

What To Know About Scorpions When Moving To Arizona

Scorpions are a major concern for people moving to Phoenix, Tucson or anywhere in Arizona. The most important thing to know is that there are tons of properties for sale that don’t have scorpions. Scorpions are common, but not everywhere. Think of them like solitary wasps from your area. They are present and may get into the house but they mostly mind their own business.

Here are some common questions that we receive from people who are moving to Arizona. These questions are geared toward homes in an urban setting that will have issues with Arizona bark scorpions.

Are Scorpions Everywhere In Arizona?

Arizona State Sign

No, scorpions are not found everywhere. They are found in pockets throughout Phoenix and the surrounding area. Many things contribute to scorpion activity, including factors on and adjacent to the property. We have found extreme scorpion infestations at properties and found no scorpions at locations across the street.

Why Are There Scorpions In Arizona?

Sealed Property Wall In Gilbert
Sealed property wall in Gilbert, AZ

Scorpions are native to the Sonoran Desert and the Southwest region, including Arizona. When humans settle in the desert, it disturbs the natural habitats of the scorpions, forcing them to find new homes. Exposed brick concrete block walls are a favorite habitat for scorpions in Phoenix, enabling Arizona bark scorpions to thrive there.

Are Scorpions Attracted To The Inside Of My House?

Home In Paradise Valley, AZ
Home in Paradise Valley, AZ

Scorpions are not drawn to your home more than any other place in your yard. In most places, it is rare to get scorpions in your home. Scorpions have poor eyesight and use touch as the main guide to finding habitats. They look for small cracks to crawl in. Usually, they are found in the home by accident unless you have another pest problem that is supplying food for the scorpions. If you are purchasing a vacant home there is a higher probability that scorpions are inside the home.

Do Scorpions Nest?

Scorpions in a Crack in the Wall
Four Arizona Bark Scorpions in a Crack at a Home in Paradise Valley, Arizona

No, scorpions do not nest. Scorpions are not a social species that work together and have a queen, like a bee or an ant. They are individuals fighting for survival. If there are ample food and shelter, scorpions may exist in high densities which can appear to be a nest. Arizona bark scorpions are comfortable dwelling in the same space together. Most other species will cannibalize each other.

Are Scorpions Attracted To Pools?

Pool In Ahwatukee
Pool in Ahwatukee of Phoenix, AZ

Scorpions are not attracted to water. They get most of their water from the prey they consume. Scorpions have been observed drinking water in a laboratory setting, but since 2006 we have only seen one scorpion drinking water in the wild. The only reasons they would be attracted to pools are for the habitats they provide or any pests living near them.

Are Scorpions Active During The Day?

Scorpion Audit
Nice lawn in Peoria, AZ

No, scorpions are not generally active during the day. They may be active during the day in the winter months, but only on the rare occasion that the temperatures rise into the 80s. In the summer months, scorpions are nocturnal and may come out as early as dusk.

Do Scorpions Hibernate?

Ball Of Arizona Bark Scorpions
Ball of Arizona bark scorpions

Scorpions are not generally active during the winter months. When nighttime temperatures are in the low 50s and 40s it will be unlikely to see any activity. Scorpions, like many arthropods, will go into a hibernation-like state known as diapause during winter. When daytime temperatures climb into the mid-80s to 90s, scorpions will emerge for the spring. During diapause, scorpions may congregate in large groups for weeks without moving.

Need To Know If A House Has Scorpions Now?

Have us come out to take a look at your potential property to see how bad the scorpion infestation. You may also fill out our form to receive our opinion on how likely the prospective property is to have scorpions.

Home Inspections

  • Nighttime pesticide-free scorpion control
  • Services exterior and interior of the home and yard
  • Determine the source of the scorpion infestation
  • Identify pest habitats to remove
  • Customized strategy to exterminate scorpions

Select Price Based On Location

Send us your property location and we will use a combination of Google Earth and over 13 years of experience and clientele data to review the likelihood of a scorpion issue for only $25.

Example Quick Analysis

Hello, this is Ben Holland, founder Scorpion Sweepers. And I’m doing a quick analysis of 11735 East Buckskin Trail in Scottsdale, Arizona 85255. So the first thing I notice is, it appears this is going to be a new construction or it is a new construction. So, whenever there’s new construction, especially at this scale, it looks like there’s a bunch of lots here that they’re filling in, you know, as they go. You’re going to have disturbed habitat. So you’re going to see a lot of scorpions going to different places because they’re digging up the ground and then they’re going to have to find a new home. With this type of area, you’re up in North Scottsdale outside of Troon and it’s pretty desert-like, and you see a lot of stuff up in the northeast, just looks like empty fields, so you’re probably going to have a lot of the desert scorpion.

So those are the desert hairy scorpions and the striped-tail scorpions. Those are the two I would anticipate you having the most of. There may be some Arizona bark scorpions as well, but we tend to see them in much less density in these types of rural environments. So the good thing about the other two scorpions is, they can’t really climb walls, so they’re not going to get in your yard if you have some sort of wall that they can’t go through or under, they’re not going to climb over it like a bark scorpion would. They’re also less of venomous, but they’re much larger. The desert hairy scorpion can get very large and scary, and their sting would definitely hurt, but they’re not nearly as venomous as the Arizona bark scorpion, which is the most common here in Arizona. We find them in more urban environments, and they can climb on walls, and they’re the ones that get in everybody’s homes and yards.

So, you should probably be dodging the bullet with a mass infestation of those. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you had scorpions just because you’re in the desert, and it looks like the area is going to be irrigated with all of the other properties nearby, so, I’m guessing there’s going to be some crickets, and cockroaches and stuff for them to eat. So there’s going to be definitely scorpions, but probably not the bark scorpions, which are really worried about. And can you get rid of them? Probably pretty likely and pretty easy. If they’re not the bark scorpion, you build up a wall, you get rid of them inside the wall and they’ll just be outside your wall. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help. Thank you so much.

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      Signs To Tell If A Home Has Scorpions Before You See It

      Many times, scorpions will work their way into a property or subdivision from an outside source. If the property you are looking into purchasing is adjacent to or nearby any of these ecosystems, it may have scorpions.

      Alleys Behind The Home

      Ally In Glendale, AZ
      Alley in Glendale, AZ

      I, personally, would never buy a home with an alley for several reasons – the first of which is scorpions. Scorpions love alleys. Most of the alleys in the Greater Phoenix area are composed of concrete block walls. These walls are by far the preferred habitat for scorpions in Phoenix. I have seen a single section of wall with over 20 scorpions on it. These alleys act as freeways where scorpions can go from property to property quickly and easily. Often, these alleys have trash and are not well maintained for pests or plants. This results in overgrowth and abundance of cockroaches, crickets, and spiders. The consequential abundance of prey provides a perfect habitat for Arizona bark scorpions.


      Desert In Peoria, AZ
      Desert in Peoria, AZ

      As the desert is the scorpion’s natural habitat, many species occupy this region and can come onto your property. If your home is a new build, there is a good likelihood that some of the native scorpions were disturbed and are looking for new habitats. If you have a wall around your property, this will greatly reduce the number of new scorpions that enter your land as most desert species cannot climb walls.

      Riverbeds And Washes

      Wash In Gilbert, AZ
      Wash in Gilbert, AZ

      Washes, much like the desert, are natural habitats for scorpions. If your property has a wash behind it, check both sides of the back wall for scorpions. Look for brush or overgrown plants on the opposite side of the wall which may provide shelter for scorpions. If the wash fills with water during most rains, it is less likely that it will have scorpions.

      Green Belts

      Greenbelt In Scottsdale, AZ
      Greenbelt In Scottsdale, AZ

      Green belts often contain excellent habitats for numerous types of pests. Depending on how well they are maintained, green belts can become a source of prey species and/or scorpions. If you have a green belt near your property, see how well it is kept and look for signs of insects.

      Golf Courses

      Golf Course In Phoenix, AZ
      Golf course in Phoenix, AZ

      Golf courses are hit or miss. I have seen golf courses with no scorpions at all and others with extreme infestations. If you are looking near a course, be sure to investigate it thoroughly. See if there are other bugs and go out at night to check with a UV light to see if there are scorpions there.


      School in Chandler, AZ
      School in Chandler, AZ

      Elementary schools, daycares, and any location with a large playground may have scorpions. Often times, schools will use little to no pesticides to protect the students. This can permit pest problems which attract scorpions.

      Questions To Ask Your Realtor About Scorpions

      Your realtor should have the most accurate information about a scorpion problem at a property you are looking at. They have the expertise, the ability to ask other realtors their opinions and understand the documentation present when buying a house.

      Has The Home Been Vacant?

      Vacant homes are the most likely homes to have scorpions inside them. If a house has been vacant for more than two weeks it is a good idea to take a look at the inside of it at night before you move in.

      Were Scorpions Mentioned On The Property Disclosure Form?

      Property Disclosure Form
      Property disclosure form

      Another document that your realtor will have is a property disclosure form. In Arizona, a seller is required to disclose important material that they know about the property. If there is a scorpion disclosure on your home, you should definitely schedule a home inspection to evaluate how bad the problem is and how easily the scorpion problem can be controlled.

      Signs Of Scorpions

      One of the only times you may be able to tell if there is a scorpion problem at a potential home is the tour. During your walkthrough, you can look for any signs of scorpions.

      Talk To The Current Owner And Neighbors

      Sometimes all it takes is to ask and you will find if there is a scorpion problem. Many times if the home you are purchasing has a large scorpion problem, its neighbors will too.

      Look At How The Property Is Maintained

      Messy Yard In Mesa
      Messy yard in Mesa, AZ

      If it is overgrown and unmaintained, there is a good chance of a pest problem. Keep an eye out for piles of rocks, wood, leaves and other debris as they are are an excellent habitat for scorpions.

      Look For Spider Webs

      Spider Web In Chandler
      Spider web in Chandler, AZ

      Scorpions and spiders eat the same things. If there are a lot of spider webs then you know there is likely a lot of prey supporting the spiders.

      Place A Glue Trap In The Garage

      Glue Trap In Garage At Home In Scottsdale, AZ
      Glue trap in garage at home in Scottsdale, AZ

      Placing a glue trap by a corner of a garage door is a great way to see what pests pass in and out of the garage. Pick a corner that looks like pests could easily pass through and place a trap just inside the door. If it catches many scorpions or other pests you know there is a problem.

      Visit At Night

      Inspecting a home in Tempe, AZ
      Inspecting a home in Tempe, AZ

      If you are worried about scorpions, you will want to check the property at night. This is when scorpions are active. Bring an ultraviolet light and look on the property walls, under bushes, and in piles of items. The scorpions will stick out like a sore thumb. If you see more than ten scorpions, there may be an infestation.

      Scorpion Home Inspections

      Our pesticide-free scorpion home inspections are perfect for someone who is buying or selling a home. Scorpion experts will scan your property with ultraviolet light at night and remove scorpions from your property. We will tell you exactly where we found all of the scorpions, recommend habitats to remove, identify the source of the scorpions, and let you know how difficult we feel it will be to exterminate the scorpions entirely.

      We offer preferred scheduling and expedited report delivery for our home inspections to ensure you have all the information you need prior to the end of your inspection period.

      Home Inspections

      • Nighttime pesticide-free scorpion control
      • Services exterior and interior of the home and yard
      • Determine the source of the scorpion infestation
      • Identify pest habitats to remove
      • Customized strategy to exterminate scorpions

      Select Price Based On Location

      Long-term Scorpion Control

      If you do purchase a home with scorpions, it is not the end of the world. We are able to quickly get the numbers down and keep them down for as long as you live there. Some properties will have always have scorpions due to external factors. Our goal is to keep the pest manageable and out of sight of mind.

      Scorpion Control Maintenance

      Maintenance scorpion prevention
      Average scorpion control results

      Our maintenance scorpion control service is the second phase of our scorpion prevention plan. After a scorpion home inspection is completed, control sweeps are needed to quickly lower the population and keep it at a manageable level or exterminate the scorpions entirely.

        Ben Holland

        Pest control expert Ben Holland is the owner of Scorpion Sweepers, located in Scottsdale, AZ. Founding a pest control company based on continued research, his methods are innovative and effective. Qualified Applicator #: 30873 Applicator Licence #: 120561

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