Scorpion Pest Control

A Scottsdale Mother Describes Her Success With Scorpion Sweepers

Scorpion Sweepers is a completely different Pest Control Company. Instead of spraying with toxic chemicals we offer Organic, Natural, Pesticide Free Scorpion Pest Control by hand removing scorpions from your property. Our services are performed at night while scorpions are active, not during the day when they are hidden in their habitats. Using high powered Ultra Violet flood lights scorpions are found even in the darkest places.

Scorpion Sweepers will find the cause or causes of your scorpion infestation and work with you to solve your problem. Our technicians hand collect active scorpions while combing your external property looking for habitats and other factors that may contribute pests presence. We take a scientific approach to holistically eliminate the population instead of the band aid approach of pesticide use.

The scorpions we collect and remove from your property are then sent to the The University of Arizona Department of Entomology. There behavioral and venom research studies are conducted on the specimens giving their lives a purpose.

University of Arizona University of Arizona professors state “Insecticides are ineffective” at controlling scorpions. Concluding collection using Ultra Violet light a far better pest control method.

According to the University of Arizona VIPER (Venom Immunochemistry, Pharmacology and Emergency Response) Institute, nearly 8,000 scorpion stings are reported each year in Arizona.

Scorpion Sweepers services the greater Phoenix Valley, and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scorpion Sweeper Methods

Scorpions Collected During a Sweep

Scorpions Collected During a Single Sweep at a Home in Paradise Valley

Scorpion Sweepers finds the cause of your problem. Whether you have a single scorpion or hundreds our population control methods are highly effective at keeping scorpions out of your yard and home.

First Scorpion Sweepers conducts a Three Sweep Scorpion Infestation Protocol or a Single Sweep Scorpion Audit. This allows us to find the source of your scorpion problem and then recommend ways to exterminate the infestation.

Then Scorpion Sweepers Specialist(s) come Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly to maintain control on your scorpion population. Some properties will have environmental sources and require consistent sweeps to keep scorpions from reinhabitating their property.

Scorpion Sweepers Advantage

Scorpion Infestation Control Graph

This Graph Shows the Decrease in Population of a Property in Paradise Valley.

Results you can see – At the end of each sweep we report back to you with our results.

No toxic chemicals – Our extermination approach uses no pesticides and does not harm the environment.

No long term contracts – Scorpion Sweepers does not tie you into yearly contracts. We recommend to you what approach is best to prevent your scorpion infestation.

Techniques – Our evidence based method is a proven population control technique.

Expertise – Scorpion Sweepers was founded and is run by a biologist, with years of experience dealing with scorpions in the Sonoran Desert.

Scorpions In Phoenix Arizona

Scorpion Sting Map of Phoenix

This Map Shows The Density of Stings in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area By Zip Code

In a 2-year study entitled, “Influences of urban land use on the frequency of scorpion stings in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area” published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning in 1999, Professor Nancy McIntyre of the Central-Arizona Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP-LTER) at Arizona State University mapped the locations of approximately 7,000 reported scorpion stings by zip code. Dr. McIntyre produced the map below, which indicates the zip codes with the greatest number of stings (dark red) and fewer stings (pink).

We have begun research to improve our understanding of scorpion distributions in Phoenix today. Specifically, we are recording the locations of our customers and documenting the number of scorpions collected and the timing of scorpion activity to provide insight into potential scorpion ‘hot spots’ in Phoenix. We intend to map and publish these data as soon as possible to improve public awareness, so check our research page regularly for updates.

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