NBC 12 KPNX Appearance
Scorpion Hunting in Tempe with NBC 12

On March 10th, of 2016 our Founder, Ben Holland was interviewed by Jen Wall a reporter for NBC 12 KPNX’s morning news. They were discussing the early arrival of scorpions, where in the valley they are found and how to prevent them on your own. Throughout the morning Ben was featured in four segments between 4:30-7am.

Discovery Channel Appearance
Appearance on Discovery Channel

In late November 2013 our Founder Ben Holland appeared on the show Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada. During a segment on the Alan Nursall Experience, Alan followed Ben on a sweep in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Paradise Valley Home
600 Scorpions Removed in Paradise Valley

We have been sweeping a home in Paradise Valley, Arizona for two years. First we conducted an Infestation Protocol finding 245 Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus). Concerned the client had us perform biweekly sweeps to keep the population low. After 20 sweeps we have removed over 600 scorpions. Due to the environmental factors on this property the home owner is destined to have an issue. Our Continuous Sweeps keep the population down and the scorpions away from the house.

Gilbert Scorpion Control
172 Scorpions Collected in Gilbert AZ

A new home owner in Gilbert, Arizona called Scorpion Sweepers to conduct a Scorpion Audit before she moved in. She was concerned because the previous owner had stated that they had seen a few scorpions here or there in the past year. Even though she was using a company that guaranteed scorpions elimination she decided to bring in the experts at Scorpion Sweepers to see what we could find. After the audit 172 Arizona Bark Scorpions were found including three mothers with 20-30 babies on their back.

Tempe Infestation Exterminated
Scorpions Eliminated at Tempe Home

After a Tempe, Arizona man purchased a house he found scorpions in his kitchen and living room. Using an Ultra Violet flashlight he searched for scorpions himself finding many outside. Concerned he decided to call the experts. After just ten sweeps his scorpion infestation was eliminated.

Sealing Your Entire Home is a Good Idea
Home Sealing For Pest Control

Sealing your house can solve many in home infestations. Insects and other pests often will enter a home through an unsealed door, torn screen, crack in the foundation or walls. After entry the pest will inhabit a portion of your home and reproduce. After a pest has infested your home it can be very difficult to exterminate. To prevent these pest from entering your home specific measures can be taken to seal these entry points. In this article we will cover all aspects of a home seal for pest prevention.

Scorpions in a Crack in the Wall
11 DIY Tips To Prevent Pests

There are many ways to make your home and property less habitable for scorpions and other pests. All Eleven of these tips are simple and can be completed in a matter or hours at any home for very little cost. By pruning your landscaping, removing pest habitats and repairing entry points you can limit pests in your home and yard.

If you are finding many pests inside your home please read our Post on Home Sealing. Sealing your house is a great option for someone who has an infestation inside their home.

Scottsdale Scorpion Extermination
Scottsdale Infestation Exterminated

After her third child was born a Scottsdale, Arizona mother called scorpion sweepers to eliminate her family’s scorpion problem. Scorpion Sweepers conducted a Scorpion Audit finding 4 Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus), by the end of the summer her scorpion problem was solved.

Paradise Valley Scorpion Infestation
Paradise Valley 72 Scorpions Removed in Three Sweeps

A home owner in Paradise Valley, AZ called us in September of 2011. He told us he had found over 20 scorpions on glue traps throughout his home during the summer and was concerned for the safety of his family. We conducted an Infestation Protocol collecting 72 scorpions in a ten day span.