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  • Home In Paradise Valley, AZ
    Signs Of And How To Tell If A House Has Scorpions
    This article will tell you all of the ways to know if a house has scorpions. Many new home buyers are concerned that their dream home is infested with scorpions. To prevent yourself from buying a home with scorpions follow this guide to buying a home without scorpions.
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  • Sealing Your Entire Home is a Good Idea
    Home Sealing For Pest Control
    Sealing your house can solve many in home infestations. Insects and other pests often will enter a home through an unsealed door, torn screen, crack in the foundation or walls. After entry the pest will inhabit a portion of your home and reproduce. After a pest has infested your home it can be very difficult to exterminate. To prevent these pest from entering your home specific measures can be taken to seal these entry points. In this article we will cover all aspects of a home seal for pest prevention.
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  • Scorpions in a Crack in the Wall
    11 DIY Tips To Prevent Pests
    There are many ways to make your home and property less habitable for scorpions and other pests. All Eleven of these tips are simple and can be completed in a matter or hours at any home for very little cost. By pruning your landscaping, removing pest habitats and repairing entry points you can limit pests in your home and yard. If you are finding many pests inside your home please read our Post on Home Sealing. Sealing your house is a great option for someone who has an infestation inside their home.
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