Scorpion Audit


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Join us while we sweep your yard for scorpions, using UV floodlights.


A card with the total amount of scorpions collected is placed on the front door.


A written report will be sent via email within a week. With a strategy to quickly resolve infestation.

Our Scorpion Audits are perfect for the homeowner that is concerned that they have a scorpion problem. Our goal is to see how bad the problem is, figure out where the scorpions are living, identify the source of the problem and provide you with recommendations to quickly and effectively exterminate your scorpion population.

Our scorpion removal technicians will inspect the entirety of the home’s outside areas using a high-powered ultraviolet light that causes the scorpions to brightly appear in the dark night. Scorpions are hand removed from the property. This approach uses no pesticides or chemicals and ensures that there are no deceased scorpions or chemicals left behind. We will tell you exactly where we found all of the scorpions, recommend habitats to remove, identify the source of the scorpions and let you know how difficult we feel it will be to exterminate the scorpions entirely.

Service Being Performed In Scottsdale, AZ

Service Being Performed In Scottsdale, AZ

As technicians are moving throughout the property, they will be observing the qualities they believe are causing scorpions to inhabit the area. Our technicians are certified through the Pest Management division of the Arizona Department of Agriculture. Scorpion Sweeper Removal Technicians also must also meet a minimum number of sweeps prior to being able to audit homes. Each of these requirements ensures our employees are informed regarding the driving source behind each property’s scorpion population.

After maintenance sweeps may be needed to quickly lower the population, keep it at a manageable level or exterminate the scorpions entirely. The graph below shows the average results from our maintenance program, segmented by the number scorpions we removed on the first visit. Based on our data, even the worst issues are at a manageable level in around five sweeps.

Maintenance scorpion prevention

Maintenance Success Rate

If you are purchasing or selling a home our Home Inspections may be a better option and be sure to know how to keep from buying a home with scorpions. The Home Inspection does everything the Audit does plus the inside of the home, preferred scheduling, and expedited reporting.

Our audits are performed at night between 8 pm – 4 am. We do attempt to schedule them before midnight whenever possible. An email will be sent 24 hours prior to your audit letting you know the general time you can expect us.

A card will be placed on your door with the number of scorpions found immediately after the service. This card will contain the technician’s name, license number, the date, and time. Within a week of the sweep a detailed report will be emailed containing:

  • Documenting the number of scorpions and a map where they are caught
  • A description of where the scorpions were found
  • Recommendations to eliminate scorpion habitats
  • Observe and document the source of the scorpions

We will also let you know of other things we find on the property like dead birds, other pest infestations, suspicious activity, and damage lighting.

Sample Report

Total Scorpions Removed

Scorpions 27*

Sweep & Location Map

Scorpion Collection Map

The blue line is the path the sweeper walked and the purple pins are where the scorpions were found.

Strategy Moving Forward

Our 25-50 scorpion strategy is 4 weekly sweeps, then maintenance service in the summer.

When we find this many scorpions, our data shows it takes approximately four consecutive weekly sweeps to get into single digits. At that point, we recommend monthly sweeps during the summer. Our maintenance service keeps the population at a manageable level, and can even eliminate the problem.

Average Results Based On Your Total

25-50 Scorpion Success Graph

25-50 Scorpion Success Graph

Source Of The Scorpions

We believe the source of the property’s scorpion population is a combination of proximity and maintenance. Given how many scorpions were found along the walkway to the park and along the actual park, we believe these spots are hotbeds for scorpions. In addition, the maintenance of much of the backyard plants is a cause of the scorpion presence. These plants are overgrown to the point they are shedding leaf litter, while also providing necessary shelter for scorpions.

Our Recommendations

  • Seal property walls. This is the #1 habitat for scorpions on properties in Phoenix. We offer a Property Wall Sealing service that can remove this habitat learn more here.
  • Trim landscaping 6-8 inches above the ground and away from walls to prevent shade during the day. Cricket, cockroaches and sometimes scorpions love this habitat.
  • Remove leaf litter and other organic material from the property. This is perfect food and shelter for prey species of scorpions. Scorpions have been known to use this as a habitat as well.
  • Remove fallen fruit from the property. This can attract Rats, Cockroaches, Beetles, Flies, and Ants. Many of pests fallen fruit attract are prey for scorpions and lead to increased population.
  • Remove river rocks over 3 inches in diameter. These rocks provide a perfect habitat for scorpions. They allow them to fit underneath them completely, shading them from the sun.
  • Remove ivy on the walls. Scorpions and other bugs love to live on the walls behind the ivy. Thick areas of ivy can provide habitat for many scorpions and their prey.

Scorpion Details

Arizona Bark Scorpions 27*
Desert Hairy Scorpions 0*
Striped Tailed Scorpions 0*
Baby Scorpions 0*
Mother Scorpions 0*

Scorpions Found in the Front Yard

There were seven scorpions found during tonight’s sweep. For the purpose of this sweep, we consider everything not in the back yard the front yard. Two scorpions were found in the immediate front yard area: one below a bush outside the back yard gate and the other on the wall by the back yard gate. The remaining scorpions caught were located on the side perimeter wall along the walkway to the park and also on the back of the perimeter wall ok the park side.

Scorpions Found in the Back Yard

20 scorpions were caught in the backyard during tonight’s sweep. The majority of the scorpions were displaced in varying locations of the backyard but two primary points were the front and back corners of the right perimeter wall along the walkway to the park.

Scorpions Found Inside House

We did not sweep the inside of your home.

Other Pests Encountered

  • Crickets were heard throughout the property. Crickets are one of the top prey for scorpions. Crickets are one of the main sources of food for Scorpions, by eliminating this prey item you can reduce your scorpion population.
  • Cockroaches were seen throughout the property. Cockroaches are one of the top prey for scorpions. If you can eliminate your Cockroaches issue, this may cause scorpions to look elsewhere for food.
  • There were many flying insects attached to the light this evening.

Other Notes

While we did find 27 scorpions during tonight’s sweep, we believe this number can vastly decrease with preventative measures. Our most recommend best practices include trimming vegetation six to eight inches above the ground, removing any fallen leaf litter or organic debris, and removing any excess shade creating objects. By following through with these recommendations you are taking highly effective steps toward eliminating the favorable scorpion habitat that has been fostered up until this point.

Our audits are $200. Travel fees apply to people who live outside the loop 101, loop 202/303 and Maricopa County.

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