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Scorpion Audit

Scorpion Removal and Control In Phoenix

Our Scorpion Audits are a one time Scorpion Control Service that collects and removes scorpions from your property with UV lights at night. Our methods have been proven as the best way to prevent scorpions. This pesticide free service is completely organic and natural. We will remove your scorpions, identify habitats and the source then provide a strategy moving forward.

If we find more than 10 scorpions we will recommend another sweep very soon. Once populations are under 10 we will hand it off to you or set you up with Monthy Sweeps in the summer months.

Scorpion Audit

  • Sweep Exterior of Home
  • Hand Removal of Scorpions
  • Determine Source of Problem
  • Identify Habitats to Remove
  • Custom Strategy

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About Scorpion Audits


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Written Report Sent Via Email Within A Week

Our Scorpion Audits are perfect for the homeowner that is concerned that they have a scorpion problem. Our goal is to see how bad the problem is, figure out where the scorpions are living, identify the source of the problem and provide you with recommendations to quickly and effectively exterminate your scorpion population.

Using Ultra Violet flood lights we will search every inch of your exterior property looking for scorpions. While we are doing this we will identify the species, the favorable habitats, and areas where scorpions are found in a high density so we can provide you with recommendations on how to eliminate the scorpion’s habitat. We will also attempt to find the source by using Google Maps to evaluate the nearby areas and the locations of the scorpions. In some instances, the source may be from a neighboring property, a wash, alley or desert area adjacent to the property. In these cases, we can get the scorpions to a manageable level very quickly and keep the population low with our Monthly Sweep Program.

If you are purchasing or selling a home our Home Inspections may be a better option. They do everything the Audit does plus the inside of the home, preferred scheduling, and expedited reporting.

Scorpion Audit Report

This Sweep Report is from the Sweep the New York Times wrote about. You can see the full Sweep Story here.

Audit Results and Scorpion Locations

On Thursday night we found 106 Arizona Bark Scorpions and one Desert Hairy Scorpion. Scorpions found in the front yard were found in the front right area between the garage and the river rock. Specifically, they were found in the river rock river and the base of the palm trees. 3 scorpions were seen on the roof tiles that were out of a proper vantage point. In general, there were a few key areas where the most scorpions were found. The first being the rock areas to the right and left of the walkway leading to the pool. A heavy majority of the scorpions were found in the river rock and various crevices between rock and pavement. The other major area of interest was around the perimeter of the entire guest house and the left-hand side of the guest house. In this area, the majority were also found in river rock and at the base of nearby palm trees.

Notes and Recommendations

Over the course of tonight’s sweep, we removed 107 scorpions. This is a very high number of scorpions and can be attributed to a number of factors. Some reasons for the high population include geographical location, close to the mountains, high amount of river rock and palm trees throughout the property, large amounts of canine fecal matter, and a high level of insects/pests. We highly recommend removing any dog feces as this attracts the prey of scorpions. Another recommendation would be trimming excessive palm bark that provides daytime scorpion habitats. Removing excess river rock would help mitigate a number of scorpion habitats currently present. The majority of scorpions removed on tonight’s visit were located within river rock and palm from bark. Best practices include trimming vegetation 6 to 8 inches above the ground and removing any fallen organic debris. Frequently running your water features also helps to drive away scorpions by flushing out pests. We did remove 3 scorpions from just outside your back patio door. There were 3 scorpions on the roof that could not be reached.

Strategy For Prevention

We recommend being very aggressive and sweeping as soon as possible. Weekly sweeps are advised until the scorpions are in single digits. Then we can switch to monthly sweeps in the summer months.