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Property Wall Sealing

External or Exterior Property walls are the number one habitat for scorpions in Phoenix, Arizona. We find around 80% of the scorpions we remove on or near these walls. These walls can sustain a large population of scorpions, removing this as a habitat can drastically reduce a scorpion infestation. We recommend this service for anyone who needs to control scorpions.

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The Best Way To Prevent Scorpions

The concrete block walls that separate property lots in subdivisions of Phoenix, Arizona are the number one habitat for Arizona Bark Scorpions (Centruroides sculpturatus) in the Valley. These long sections of hollow walls are where we find 80% of the scorpions we remove during our Scorpion Control Sweeps. Each block has two, four by four by eight-inch holes that provide a perfect home for scorpions. During winter months dozens of scorpions can go through diapause (similar to hibernation) in a single block. Our goal is to entomb these scorpions and prevent any new scorpions from entering the wall. If we can do that these scorpions will be forced to find new habitats and perhaps leave your property.

We have had tremendous results eliminating scorpion problems on people properties when combining our Scorpion Sweeps with the Sealing of Property Walls.

Gilbert Property Wall Sealing Testimonial

A.M. gave us a call in early March to help with a scorpion problem she has been dealing with for nine years. At her wit’s end, she was contemplating leaving Arizona all together, just to get away from scorpions. A mother, she was concerned for the safety of her daughter. We came and did a Scorpion Audit finding that most of the scorpions were located on the wall. She took heed to our recommendation of sealing her walls and had us come out the next weekend. We were able to complete the job in just two days. A day after she had a team of painters turn her newly sealed wall into a uniform, beautiful light brown.

Scorpion Wall Sealing Process

  • Measure the wall
  • Look for large holes to patch
  • Instruct homeowner on how to prepare for sealing

1st Step
  • Clean the wall
  • Apply the foam to all cracks
  • Push foam deep into cracks
  • Let set for at least an hour

2nd Step
  • Cut off excess foam
  • Sand all foam down to wall level
  • Paint foam to protect from harsh Arizona sun
  • Review wall with client and get sign off

First, we inspect your wall to give you a proper quote. We are looking for how big the wall is, any holes that will have to be patched and if anything would inhibit us from completing the seal. The quote process usually takes around 15 minutes and can be done while you are away, we only need access to the back yard to complete the quote. After our inspection, a quote will be emailed to you within two business days. Once the quote is accepted we ask for half to all of the payment for the sealing up front. Once payment has been provided we will schedule the sealing.

The sealing happens in two stages. First, we clean the wall, spray the foam then push it deep within the cracks. After the foam cures, we proceed to the second step. In the second step we will cut excess foam, sand all foam even with the concrete and paint the foam to blend with the wall and protect it from the harsh Arizona sun.

Once we have cleaned up and are ready to go, we will walk you through the job. You will have the chance to review the entire wall with our staff and sign off on it’s completion.

Sealed Property Wall in Gilbert, AZ
Sealed Property Wall in Gilbert, AZ

Wall Sealing Review Checklist

At the conclusion of the wall seal, we will walk you through the job and make sure you sign off on everything.  This is a checklist of the questions we will ask you.

  • Have we completed all work described in the contract?
  • Are there any holes or gaps that need to be filled?

  • Have we left any tools or trash on your property?
  • Has your property been cleaned to your satisfaction?

  • Are you satisfied with the sealing of your wall?
  • Is this job complete and up to your satisfaction?

The Product We Use To Seal Out Scorpions

Dow Great Stuff Pro Pestblock is the perfect product to seal your concrete property walls. The foam can get into gaps that caulks and patches cannot. It bonds permanently to the concrete creating a lifelong seal. Their proprietary pesticide free Pestblock formula is designed to deter pests going near the product. It is also paintable so we can make your wall sealing look nearly invisible.  Some features of Dow Great Stuff Pro Pestblock are:

  • Seals openings up to 3″ (75 mm) in size.
  • Forms a long-lasting, water-resistant and airtight seal.
  • Contains no pesticides.
  • Bonds with most building materials.
  • Goes on with a foam dispensing gun for greater precision and access to hard-to-reach places.
  • Tack-free in 3-10 minutes.
  • Paintable, stainable and sandable.

Dow Great Stuff Pro Pestblock
Dow Great Stuff Pro Pestblock

Our Guarantee

We offer a three-year guarantee on our property wall sealings. In the highly unlikely event that a crack or gap appears we will come fill and paint the hole. With the products we use and the installation process our team follows, we anticipate that our sealing will last decades. All repairs are for natural causes, we will not replace human, animal or act of god damage.

Video Transcriptions

Property Wall Sealing for Scorpions

Hello, I’m Ben Holland, founder of Scorpion Sweepers. Property Wall Sealing is one of the best things you can do to prevent scorpions. These walls are the number one habitat for scorpions here in Phoenix. We find around 80% of the scorpions we catch on or near these walls. In a single sweep, we have found over 50 scorpions on the property walls alone. Sealing these walls will remove this as a habitat on your property, entombing scorpions inside and forcing others to seek new shelter.

To seal the walls first we clean all of the dust and debris from the cracks. Then we wet the concrete to improve the bond with the foam. We spray a professional grade pest blocking foam into every crack and crevasse. Pushing the foam deep into the crack to ensure a tight bond. Finally, for looks and protection, we sand and paint the foam.

Here what one of our clients has to say about her wall.

So once the wall was sealed, we haven’t seen anything inside the house. The majority of the scorpion population has gone down significantly.

We recommend combining monthly sweeps with a property wall sealing for the best scorpion prevention possible.

Read the Entire Testimonial

Gilbert Property Wall Sealing Testimonial

Mother: What do you think of the wall?

Girl: I think it’s good because we don’t see any scorpions in the house. I think it’s awesome!

Father: We’re really happy with the way the wall the treatment worked out. It lowered the amount of scorpions we had been seeing.

Mother: Yeah, we moved in nine years ago and had scorpions the whole time we’ve been in the house since she was a small baby. We’ve seen scorpions on the floor in the kitchen, the walls of the bathroom. Many times she has almost stepped on them in bare feet, as well as our dogs.

Mother: It was just getting to the point where we were going to move out of Arizona or do something about it. So we contacted Scorpion Sweepers. We found out that most of the scorpions that were coming into the house were actually living in out exterior wall. Then at night they would come out of the wall and migrate into the home.

Mother: Once the wall was sealed, we haven’t seen anything inside the house. The majority of the scorpion population has gone down significantly. That’s a big relief for us because that was our primary concern.

Father: Thank you very much!